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  • Jet of leaking liquid: estimation of jet range if leak occurs on tank or installations of liquid.

  • Breathing valve: estimation of pressure variation in the tank due to temperature variation. The calculated value is the basis for proper choice of breathing valve setting to prevent unnecessary emissions of vapor due to often vapor release.

  • Density of vapor in the inerted vessel: estimation of density of saturated vapor and nitrogen mixture with respect to ambient temperature and temperature inside vessel. The result tells if short term opening of vessel can lead to loosing inert conditions.

  • LOC: estimation of limiting oxygen concentration of solvent if data are not available.

  • Inerting and use of PTS: final concentration of oxygen in the inerted vessel is estimetad to which powder is added with PTS system operating with nitrogen. The result serves for determination of parameters to keep the vessel inert.

  • Cone discharge: calculation of maximum vessel diameter from median grain size and minimum ignition energy of dust.

  • Vacuum drying: vacuum drying is often driven with vacuum pumps with no flame arresters. Adiabatic compression on pressure side of vacuum pump can heat up gas mixture to self-ignition temperature of vapor. Therefore it is necessary to assure inert conditions on the pressure side of vacuum pump even in the case of vaccum system leakage. This is achieved with sufficient nitrogen ballast flow.

  • Adiabatic compression: gases heat when compressed. E.g. at compressing air from low pressure, if air is slightly contaminated with flammable vapor, compression can form explosive mixture and can also cause heating to self ignition temperature of explosive mixture. The maximum final temperature with respect to compression ratio, assuming adiabatic condition, is calculated.

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